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Custom Designed tours are all about you.
It is your selected destination, it is your life style, it is your vacation, it is your time.
Our experience and resources are dedicated to meet your unique needs.

We offer the largest selection of cultural and sightseeing tours, wildlife safaris, hiking and trekking itineraries, luxury train trips in our website and brochures, we possibly cannot list the endless opportunities that are possible in our World.

Key to successfully customizing a tour depends on information you provide us. Tell us in as much in detail as possible about your objectives, date of departure, duration of your holiday (in number of days), category of hotels you prefer, cities you want to visit and any other services you may need.

Having our own offices and agents around the World, we will be able to customize a personal journey just for you - individual or group - to anywhere and at any time based on your requirements and budget. 

Please read the following points and contact us..

  1. What is a Custom Designed Tour?
  2. What are the steps to planning a Custom Designed Tour?
  3. What is the planning fee?
  4. When will I receive my personalized Custom Designed itinerary? 
  5. When will I have to pay for my personalized itinerary?
  6. What if I have to cancel?
  1. What is a Custom Designed Tour? 

    Exotic Journeys' expertise and knowledge will be perfectly blended with your choice of destinations to create an ideal tour itinerary just for you. Our Custom Design Tour Planners will help you craft an itinerary that reflects your idea of a perfect journey. You dream up an idea to celebrate the most important milestones in your life, an anniversary, a retirement celebration, a family or alumni reunion, we will make sure this journey is made up of one in a lifetime experience and memories to cherish.

    You simply determine where you want to go, and allow us to arrange accommodations, transfers, and expert local guides for your journey - we can even provide a dedicated Tour Director for greater personalized service. Our expert Custom Design Tour Planners will create a suggested itinerary designed to suit your desires, complete with the same personalized attention you expect from our luxury escorted journeys. 

    More than 37 years of excellence is woven into every Custom Journey, manifesting unique encounters and privileged local access that make your experience exclusive and unforgettable.

  2. What are the steps to planning a Custom Designed Tour?

    a. Initial Request for Proposal
    Around 9-12 months prior to your desired departure date, simply contact one of our Custom Design Tour Planners to start creating your ideal journey - we can also often accommodate on a much shorter time frame, so don’t hesitate to inquire. 

    Your itinerary will be tailored to your specifications - such as the number of travelers in your party, your desired departure date, length of journey, budget, and of course, destination. Please remember to share any special considerations or restrictions with us during your initial call so we can plan your journey accordingly.

    b. Proposal Response
    Your Custom Designed Tour Planner will then follow up to give you an estimated cost for your journey and confirm you are ready to move on to the planning stage. This initial discussion will help you determine whether Exotic Journeys is best suited to meet your travel needs and expectations.

    c. Planning Stage
    Your Custom Designed Tour will be designed to include a minimum of four nights in deluxe accommodations, private transportation and the expertise of local guides - an Exotic Journeys Tour Director can also be part of your journey, if you wish.

    Please note that creating a Custom Designed Tour is very time-intensive and, therefore, requires a planning fee in order to proceed with the creation of a personalized itinerary.

  3.  What is the planning fee? 

    A deposit of $500.00 per person is required.

    This non-refundable fee will automatically be credited toward the final payment for your trip. After receiving your itinerary-planning fee, we will prepare a draft itinerary and discuss with you in detail, all the exciting logistics about your journey, as well as give you a total cost estimate.

    *Safaris, cruises, and certain other special trips may require a higher non-refundable itinerary planning fee. You can send us a check or to begin the process right away, you can give us a credit card number.

  4. When will I receive my personalized itinerary? 

    After we have received your itinerary planning fee, we will prepare a draft itinerary and estimate of charges for you. And we will be ready to discuss itinerary details and air schedules. Please note that we will not itemize costs, since our overseas on-the-ground providers customarily do not break out in detail the specific trip elements. As soon as you have approved the draft itinerary, we will book all your arrangements, including air reservations, and we will develop a personalized final detailed itinerary of your Custom Design Tour that you can share with all the travelers in your party.

  5. When will I have to pay for my personalized itinerary?

    Airlines, hotels, cruise lines, trains require full payment to confirm and retain your booking. The final payment is required when requested / invoiced.

  6.  What if I have to cancel?

    Airline tickets, overseas train, cruise tickets, hotels and other services for your customized and personalized itinerary are non-refundable. Trip insurance is mandatory.



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