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An invitation

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." (Susan Sontag)

In our tryst with this gorgeous earth, we found an unusual variety of unique and exotic places that beckoned travelers, writers, poets, philosophers and adventurers to be captivated by its mystical attractions. For centuries people were brought together through these journeys and they introduced cultures, narrated history, showcased art and architecture and explored wildlife and natural beauty.

Exotic Journeys International Group was founded in 1979 in the USA and has over the years earned its reputation for creative tour packages and high class custom made itineraries for luxury, deluxe and value for money tours. Our operations are seamless and designed to offer highly personalized services.

We all are unique beings and therefore our travel needs also vary from each other.  Our professional teams have created hundreds of custom designed journeys around the world with imagination and experience from the feedback of our valued clients.

You are invited to explore our website, www.exoticjourneys.com , for some of the specially crafted journeys.

Travel brings power and love back into your life.- Rumi"
You travel, you experience and you understand. It is a beautiful world!

Thank you,

Raju Ahmed